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Friday, April 1st, 2011

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A Sneak Preview

Last year’s White House Summit launched an important discussion of the many key roles that community colleges play in workforce development and in student success, particularly in the technology fields.

Now, this year, the conversation continues, with the U.S. Department of Education holding a series of four regional community college summits at cities around the country, which will culminate in a Community College Virtual Symposium the week of April 25th.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take this opportunity to join in on the conversation with a “sneak preview” of some of the subjects that ATETV will be covering in upcoming episodes later this spring. The 40 new programs will blend solid “how-to” information and classroom profiles with visits to some of the nation’s most prominent technology companies to help students get the most out of the community-college experience and provide employers and educators with important resources.

For example, the “101 Series” will provide viewers with a crash-course in the community college experience. Beginning with in-depth examinations of course curriculum and academic requirements in a variety of community college programs, and ending with up-close examinations of the career paths that these programs can lead to, these ATETV segments will include first-person interviews with employed technicians to learn how they landed their positions.

A second focus of upcoming ATETV programs will be the four-part “From High School to College” series created to help students explore higher-education opportunities while they are still in high school, and provide them with an important head-start to their future career paths. Specific subjects will focus on dual-enrollment programs, and the value of informational interviews.

Other segments will take viewers behind-the-scenes of leading technology employers, offer students career-building “tech tips,” and visit community-college classrooms around the country, providing students with “previews” of course content – before they enroll.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to talk about!